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Aserta Eclipse IVM Putter

Order an Aserta Eclipse IVM Putter now, and Shipping is Free!!! (Free shipping applies to Continental US Orders Only) Included with every Aserta Putter is a logo putter cover and a Putting Tips DVD by Andy Thuney. Aserta Eclipse IVM Putter The Aserta Eclipse IVM Putter is the next generation of putting instrument technology developed by Aserta Sports. Its advanced design incorporates the best effects of Inverted Mass Technology where the weight is moved to the top of the putter head, putting most of the mass of the putter above the equator of the golf ball.This weight shift imparts immediate topspin on the ball eliminating skidding, sidespin or bouncing. The second advancement has been the dispersion of the weight to the back, sides and face of the putter. Based on extensive research and state of the art robot testing, this re-engineering has produced the most perfectly balanced putter in the industry. Swing Dynamics Robot Testing af.rms the Aserta Eclipse IVM Putter provides the highest Putter Ef.ciency Index ever achieved, and well beyond the results of each of the major competitor�s putters. The Eclipse IVM Putter literally buries the competition with True Roll putts that hug the ground and dive into the cup.Nothing matches the awesome putting performance and functional beauty of the Eclipse IVM Putter. Superior Results In Putter Robot Testing In putter robot testing using the Swing Dynamics Putting Track Monitor a 10-foot putt, the Aserta Eclipse putter provided a Putter Ef.ciency Index of .84 which is 44% stronger than the average PEI produced by Titleist - Scotty Cameron Futura, Pro Platinum, or Newport and 51% stronger than the averages PEI scores of Callaway - Odyssey�s new Tour Blue, DFX or 2-Ball Blade or Mallet not to mention any putter developed by Hogan- Bettinardi, Nike, Ping or Never Compromise. The detailed results of Swing Dynamic Putting Robot and High Speed Photography Research on each of the leading putters are readily available from Aserta Sports, The Ultimate in Inverted Mass and Perimeter Weight Dispersion Face insert provides ideal feel at impact, balance and control. The Eclipse Putter Is What Innovative Technology Is All About. CNC Milled from a solid block of Aluminum, the Eclipse features Inverted Mass Technology with Solid Brass Face and Perimeter Inserts. Its unique alignment system provides the traditional Aserta Pointer Arrow and three ellipses to provide a perfect sight line to the hole. Initial Reactions: Here�s what Leading Amateur and Professional Golfers are saying about their feelings after their .rst experience with the New Aserta Eclipse IVM Putting Instrument: 1. Club Head Control: The Eclipse club head is superbly balanced which enables the golfer to have an unsurpassed level of comfort and con.dence in his/her putting stroke from its very .rst use, especially with longer putts. 2. Feel at Impact: The uniquely engineered combination of brass perimeter weighting and face insert provides a softer but deliberate moment of inertia (MOI) at impact resulting in a greater sense of control and accuracy. 3. Balanced, Smooth, Consistency: The club doesn�t swing open or closed like many newer models that have recently come to market. It provides a consistent feeling of control in every putting stroke. This is truly a finely balanced and superbly fashioned "putting instrument" which creates a tempo of the swing and accuracy of delivery unparalleled by any other club on the market. IVM technology immediately produces topspin at impact. It is this topspin that will consistently keep your putt on target and provide the greatest amount of distance control. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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