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Aserta IVM Cavity Back

Order an Aserta IVM Cavity Back Putter now, and Shipping is Free!!! (Free shipping applies to Continental US Orders Only) Included with every Aserta Putter is a logo putter cover and a Putting Tips DVD by Andy Thuney. The Aserta IVM Model TRCB-1335 Cavity Back Putter is the first cavity back blade putter in a series of innovative new designs from Aserta that is turning putting upside down. Aserta's unique and patented Inverted Mass Technology (IVM) moves the center of gravity up above the equator of the ball to create true and immediate roll on impact. Additional features include a patented breakthrough sole design that dramatically reduces surface area and virtually eliminates drag or scuffing during the stroke. A unique sole "tab" enables a consistently accurate set-up of the clubface, square to the targeted direction. The 340-gram head weight provides incredible feel and feedback on every putt. The TRCB-1335 has a simple and clean top-line with easy to view alignment aids that frame the ball, and the trademarked Aserta "pointer" prominently marks the center of the face, making alignment a snap. The hosel features Aserta's unique offset, center mount design. This remarkable design allows for a conventional offset appearance in the putting position while retaining a center attachment for incredible feel and resistance to twisting. The TRCB-1335 features a True Temper shaft and a Winn grip. Aserta IVM Technology has proved superior to all other putters in testing conducted with the internationally acclaimed Swing Dynamics Putting Track Monitor. The Swing Dynamics Monitor captures each aspect of the putt using high-speed photography to measure: Impact Ball Speed, Backspin, Skid Distance, Forward-Spin and True Roll. Immediate True Roll A traditional putter with its low center of gravity adds backspin to every putt causing the ball to hop and skid before it starts rolling. If a ball is hopping or skidding, it's going to go off line, not where you aim! The IVM inverted mass putter raises the center of gravity into the perfect position and automatically imparts topspin instead of backspin so the ball starts rolling accurately toward its target the instant it leaves the clubface. The truest possible roll! Backspin Versus Forward Spin With the best performing leading putters, the ball left the club face with up to 60 Rotations Per Minute of Backspin. Whereas, the Aserta Putter sent the ball off with greater than 100 Rotations Per Minute of Forward Roll. The old adage, "Never up, Never in" is as true as ever! With the Aserta IVM Putter, you'll find your putts consistently closer to the hole because the ball does not lose its forward energy by having to convert "backspin" into "fore-spin". IVM technology immediately produces topspin at impact. It is this topspin that will consistently keep your putt on target and provide the greatest amount of distance control. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

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