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Feel Golf Ti-Carbon (TiCn) Wet Driver

Feel Golf Ti-Carbon (TiCn) Wet Driver The Heater is a High Performance Driver with a high smash factor that is created by having small amounts of Carbon-Boron particles incorporated in the driver head and then coupled with our proprietary TiCn (copper-like) face that reduces ball back spin. Back spin reduction increases ball speed and of course distance. The driver is now available as the Triple Threat, a unique combination of Grip, Shaft and Clubhead that was Voted the longest and straightest driver tested among the top driver companies! Feel Golfs new TiCn �Wet� Driver, named The Heater by testers delivers explosive power, unbeatable distance, and improved accuracy. The TiCn face is the hardest face made today. The combination of the Titanium, Copper, Nickel and other alloys used, reduces the balls back spin to provide a consistent launch angle. Developed with new Hi-Lo Face Technology, these amazing drivers have a much higher trajectory giving the ball a greater hang time and much lower RPM ball spin. This lower ball spin, can be as low as 1,850 RPM�s, delivers a longer and straighter drive off the tee. Unlike most drivers on the market today, Feel Golf�s TiCn face is built for today�s ball types where very little compression of a ball is needed, and delivering a ball flight that is higher and longer because the ball leaves the club face both quicker and much faster with the TiCn reduced back spin. The �spin-reducing� secret ingredient of the Hi-Lo Face Technology of these drivers rated among The Longest and Most Accurate Drivers by Sports Illustrated.     Features � The Full Release Grip�: The Full Release grip has been called The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years, and including our breakthrough TaperTip� Technology! � The MKR Maximum Kinetic Release Shaft: An amazing 3-piece shaft design with a double tip. One tip is a stiff tip in the hosel and a soft tip that is co-joined directly above it that builds potential energy to release once the clubhead is in motion. This shaft increases the ball�s hangtime and distance! � The Hi-Lo TiCn Face: Called Hi-Lo by Tour players due to its High trajectory and low ball back spin.The club simply delivers a longer, more accurate shot while producing a significant reduction in backspin. Backspin testing shows this driver combination being among the lowest back spin of any driver by two different independent tests. With our reduced ball back spin you will have that high and long Tour like trajectory shot that provides distance and accuracy!   Product Image  Specifications  � Head size 360cc, 430cc, 460cc  � Lie 58� , length 45.5�, swing weight Ladies C-9 to D-1 and Mens D-3 to D-5  � Deep face with unique rocker sole design  � 9�, 10�, & 12� square face design If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

Price : $ 299.95

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