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PureSpin Diamond Face Wedge

#1 Wedge On The Senior Tour!... These newly redesigned, tour-proven wedges, with their unmatched ability to hold the green, allow golfers of all levels to attack the pin - from the fairway, from the rough, and from the sand - with greater confidence. The fastest way to shave strokes off your game is to stop the ball closer to the pin. With input from top PGA professionals, new design features include: * Strategically placed tungsten sole weighting system * New Tour Shape clubhead Combined with Diamond Face Technology, the PureSpin wedges are better than ever. PureSpin Diamond Face Wedges feature: * Diamond Technology * PureSpin reduces industrial diamonds into fine crystal granules and mix them with a proprietary solution to form a compound. This material is then bonded permanently to the face of the PureSpin wedge through a special nickel electroplate process. The result is a unique, super-hard surface that improves a player's confidence to attack the pin, and will not wear out the way traditional sand-blasted, rusty or other face inserts do. * Diamond-crystal coating creates "the hardest club face in golf" producing spin which holds the green up to FOUR TIMES better than other leading wedges after moderate use * 100% lifetime performance wear guarantee If you have any questions about this product, please give our professionals a call at 307-690-6009. We look forward to hearing from you!

Price : $ 39.99

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