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The Perfect Plus (18*) - Original

Order The Perfect Plus now, and receive Free Shipping & a Perfect Club Logo Headcover!!!! (Free shipping applies to Continental US Orders Only) The Perfect Plus (18*) * The Perfect Plus features 18* of loft and is 39.5" long. It replaces your 5 wood and utility clubs. Included with The Perfect Plus is a logo headcover The Perfect Club is the most versatile club ever made. The Perfect Club is the easiest club to hit ever made. The Perfect Club flies as far or farther than the clubs it replaces and it's shorter in length which leads to more consistent ball striking. The Perfect Club is played in the middle of your stance like a short iron and instantly induces a strong sense of confidence which carries over to every other club in your bag. The Perfect Club hits very high, very long shots that settle softly-even from the nastiest of lies. The Perfect Club is designed to force you into your best, most athletic set up posture. It's shorter length and unique weighting also makes The Perfect Club perfect for tough, greenside chips. You don�t have to change your swing to hit perfect shots with The Perfect Club. The Perfect Club is the most versatile club in the game. Every component of The Perfect Club is made of the highest quality materials available, including a True Temper Steel Shaft, a UST Shaft in Graphite, and a classic crossline Lamkin grip. The ladies club comes complete with a classic Winn Grip. If you have any questions about this product, please give our professionals a call at 307-690-6009. We look forward to hearing from you!

Price : $ 79.95

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